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The Last Boyfriend (Inn BoonsBoro, #2)

“It’s not about spine. It’s about love and faith, and hope, I guess. I watched my brother marry Clare, and I knew I wanted that. I’ve always wanted it, but I thought, sure, eventually. Eventually I’d settle in, settle down, make a family. It’s eventually, Avery, because the other thing I know is eventually never came until you. It’s always been you. My first girlfriend.” – Owen Montgomery

There’s nothing better for the end of summer than a good ol’ NR romance. And Owen’s book was just sweet enough to brighten this bookworm’s days lately.

Owen Montgomery and Avery MacTavish have been close friends since forever. But when a certain matchmaking ghost causes an incident that leads to a kiss between the two, a spark they didn’t know existed comes to life. Suddenly, things that they admired and liked about each other start bringing them even closer. Still, Avery has some issues to work out before she can truly accept the happy ever after Owen is offering her.

While Owen and Avery were not a couple that had many ups and downs, I found myself enjoying their story a lot.

For one, NO DRAMA! Yes, it’s interesting whenever it’s around, but it’s nice to just have a book where things go smoothly for the most part once in a while. It feels like… home. Sweet and warm, and funny and lively. Those two were meant to be, just like almost every NR pair, of course, and it was glaringly obvious in the story.

Still, Roberts never lets us down in terms of storytelling. While there was no “bad person” here to try and break the two or harm any one of them, there was some tension and a couple of psychological issues to be solved. It wasn’t hard, by no means, but it certainly wasn’t as easy as one might think. It was calm, though, and full of friendship and understanding and love, and that’s the most important thing to remember.

Avery was a little ray of sunshine, buzzing with energy and always making others smile and cheer up. She was messy and way too spontaneous, but that’s what made her perfect for Owen, who was some sort of a control freak. They balanced each other out.

Owen, on the other hand, was patient and understanding, and while he was awkward because he knew Avery mattered and he wanted everything to be right and perfect, he was adorable in his attempts to be cool about the whole thing but failing miserably. Plus, that scene where he realized he wanted to marry Avery… God, the cuteness overload was too much! Ryder did ruin it a bit with his humor, but hey, I still love the big oaf.

Speaking of Ry, his book is next – my IT of the trilogy! I can’t wait to get my hands on him – errr, I mean his book!!!

“You make my heart flutter, Owen. You always did. I got used to it—and maybe getting used to it I didn’t value it enough. When we started to be with each other, it was more than a flutter. Something more, and I didn’t know what to do with it. No one else ever made me feel the way you did—do. I thought something was missing in me because I couldn’t FEEL enough. But the only thing missing was none of them were you.” – Avery MacTavish