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Hot Rebel (Hostile Operations Team, #6)

“I love you, and I’ve been an asshole, and I’m sorry. I let you go, and I let you think it was because I didn’t love you. There’s nothing I regret more than that.” – Nick Brandon

Well, it looks like Preacher Boy got his own happy ending as well. And with a woman who can easily race him to wear the pants of the relationship at that!

Nick “Brandy” Brandon and Victoria Royal haven’t seen each other ever since she dropped out of sniper course. He sure as hell doesn’t expect to run into his female rival while on a mission – or that said mission will be ruined because of her amazingly accurate shot. But Victoria has her own reasons for working for the opposition, and she doesn’t care even if she’s branded a traitor to her country. When Nick saves her and Mendez orders them both to work together in order to expose a rogue agent, sparks that haven’t really died between them will start flying again. And this time Brandy is not letting go easily…

I love snipers in stories. Them and tech geeks! They always have the best lines and are the wildest in bed when they woo their lady, yum yum!

And I dare say, neither Brandy nor Victoria disappointed me.

Brandy was a gentleman at heart, who was quick to judge people, yes, but knew how to apologize and make up for it later. He was sweet and caring, and knew Victoria was strong – if not stronger than him. The way he treated her like an equal at times really gained him major points – I say at times, because, come on, an Alpha male willing to let a woman be in danger no matter how capable? Yeah, no, ain’t gonna happen…

Victoria, on the other hand, was everything Brandy was not. She was soft inside and hurt by life and people, and her defense was to be prickly and harsh, instead of the supposedly easygoing and laid-back persona Brandy liked to show the world. Her special… situation made her even more adorable, and her devotion to her dead grandpa brought me to tears at times.

When those two worked together, it was awesome. Despite doing it for the first time, they were like a well-oiled machine that couldn’t stop at anything. But their chemistry didn’t end there. Oh, no, it was even more amazing under the sheets! Sizzling hot, and sweet at the same time, since they were both discovering something extremely new to each other!

Can’t wait to see how the next book turns out, I swear Harris does a damn fine job of keeping us on our toes!

“The problem, Preacher Boy, is that I like you. Really like you. As in I want more of you, and I want it pretty much all the time. When I thought you might die out there, I prayed that you wouldn’t. I told God I’d rather he take me than you because at least I wouldn’t have to know what it was like to live in a world without you in it. How fucked up is that, right?” – Victoria Royal