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Hungry Like the Wolf (SWAT, #1)

Paige Tyler, you amazing woman, you!!! I thought X-Ops was going to be my obsession from you – yes, I usually have certain series I like the best from some authors – but I was wrong! Now I can’t decide which shifter series of hers I like more, they’re both so different and yet so delicious!

Gage Dixon knows that in order to keep reporter Mackenzie Stone out of his SWAT team’s biggest secrets, he needs to control the kind of information she stumbles upon. But what he doesn’t count on, is Mac being his fated mate – now how can an Alpha werewolf cop keep his pack safe AND his girl’s curiosity sated? Guess it’s time for the tough guy to get serious about his priorities – and for Mac to realize what really counts in life…

I think this book makes it official: no one writes cops and shifters the way Paige Tyler does. NO ONE!

Gage and his team had me panting like a dog – no pun intended – with their antics. It was one thing to know those sexy hunky cops were also werewolves. It was another to see them acting like teenagers whenever anything that had to do with love was involved. It was so sweet how they kept covering for each other despite their constant fights, and how they were happy to know that there might be a woman meant for each of them out there. Like some oversized, dangerous, hot puppies – yeah, I so went there!

As for Mac, well, she wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Her dedication to her story and job was remarkable, I’ll give her that, but after some point, she was crossing some line and she didn’t even care. She even tried to justify herself! I’m so glad Zak was by her side to act as the brain she seemed to be lacking at the moment. Don’t underestimate the nerdy guy besties, ladies, they KNOW what they’re talking about most of the time!

The romance was hot as hell – the way Tyler always writes it, and the way we prefer it, actually! The action came in buckets, and the whole suspense was part of the package deal, so there’s not a moment to rest with this book – not that I expected to take a breath, anyway…

Now to wait for the other guys to get their happy endings, too – is it too much to ask for Cooper’s book to come out soon? I fell in love with his wolfy ass, and it’s turning into an obsession…


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***