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His Stubborn Lover (Slade Security Team #1)

“You make me happy, Keira. I thought I could soldier my way through not wanting you. But I do – bad enough to put everything on the line for you. I figure I won’t leave you behind, and you don’t leave me behind, and maybe we can make that work. We’re too good a team not to make this work.” – Brock Wells

It’s always hard to find a short-story that can be both quick AND satisfying. It’s tough trying to fit crucial character background info and lots of twists to make the reader appreciate the small bite you’re offering them. Unfortunately, this is what kept this book from being a read that one would like to enjoy again multiple times.

Brock Wells was Keira Mantz’s mentor, and the one who got her to join the team of Slade Security. But when their boss decided it’s time for Keira to be on her own for an upcoming op that may be too dangerous, Brock can’t help but be worried. Pretending to be her lover will help him stay by her side and keep her safe. But what happens when he realizes that, first, Keira doesn’t need his help at all, and second, he wants more than just pretending to be a couple?

This had so much potential, if only it was given some more space to let the story comfortably spread its wings. I get the high sexual tension, and went along with it just fine. The romance was weird, but it was a short-story, of course there wasn’t enough time to do it slowly.

But that all was not what bothered me.

No, the problem lies with the plot. And here’s what I meant when I said it’s hard to develop a story when you want to make it short. Because, in order for Ms. North to make it to the finishing line with both the suspense and the romance satisfied, she had to give up on one of the two – and the unlucky one was the suspense.

It was way too obvious who was the culprit. More than that, there was no good reason – ok, no, it was good and reasonable, just not enough for a reader – for said culprit to act as they did. All this mess and the chasing around and the stress… All for nothing!

I’d like to say I’ll be looking forward for the second book to correct me – I usually do, anyway. But I read the excerpt, and I want nothing to do with what’s going on there. ***spoiler alert***Because, really, Slade, banging your friend’s wife – especially when said friend is also your employee – and leaving her pregnant, is fucking messed up!***spoiler alert***



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***