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Claim Me, Cowboy (2015 Montana Born Rodeo)

“I love you, Summer… I’ve fought it. God knows how badly I fought my feelings for you.” – Tyler Warren

Second chances in first time love are not really my forte in reading, and I guess that’s why I held back on this one’s rating. That and the male lead.

Tyler Warren and Summer Nichols have each inherited half of a ranch that belonged to Tyler’s dead father. Now, they have to stay together for a time, and convince the other to surrender their own different plans for the place. Summer wants to make it thrive again as she promised the old man. Tyler wants to sell it and cut all ties with his hometown. But the town’s once strangest couple was not meant to break apart. Time for Bad Boy Ty and the Pastor’s daughter to find again what once made them so perfect for each other – or is it too late?

Like I said, I’m not a big fan of second chances in first loves. I have this theory that if something has broken apart, it shouldn’t be mended back because you never know how things might turn out (well, not always, but still…). And in this case, I was right about most of it, seeing Ty and Summer trying to get back together but at the same time fighting it. There was too much between those two to just let go, after all.

But it worked out fine in the end. Even if I wanted to throttle Ty at times. Seriously, dude, open up your eyes and stop being such a DB! Half of the book was spent on Ty insisting everyone in Marietta hated his guts and thought him bad news, and the other half on Summer trying to prove him wrong. I mean, really, it was so obvious everyone worshipped him, what was he? Blind?!

And don’t get me started on how obsessed he was with the fact she moved on after he had left, and all the stuff about his father. We get it, pal, life wasn’t fair to you, and yeah, you have every right to be bitter. But at least stick to it and stop sending the poor girl mixed signals!

What saved the book? I’d say Summer. She was kind and ready to sacrifice every bit of her being for anyone, without any reason whatsoever. Altruism at its finest! That and the sexual tension, because, BOY DID IT MELT ME WHEN THEY FINALLY GOT IT ON! I was practically chewing my nails till it happened!

As a starter for a series, I dare say it’s passable. Hope it gets even better with the rest of the books. Marietta sounds too nice a place and with lots of stories to tell, after all, it would be a shame if it didn’t live up to my expectations…


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***