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Hot Ice (Hostile Operations Team, #7)

“I’m amazed a woman like you could even be interested in me—but you are, and I thank God for it. I may not be worthy, but I’m going to do my best every day to let you know how grateful I am for you. Because I love you, Grace. I love you. I didn’t want to, but I do.” – Garrett Spencer

I am SO glad I decided not to give up on Garrett’s book when I thought it wasn’t as exciting as the rest of them!

Garrett “Iceman” Spencer had once told his friend, Nick, that there was no woman good enough for him to keep returning to (ok, in not so polite words, but anyway). Now, he knows he might have to eat those words after meeting the last woman on Earth he should ever find attractive. Grace Campbell is a senator’s daughter, an Ice Queen with the voice and manners to match, and an awkward, antisocial geeky scientist. He shouldn’t find her so damn irresistible. But he does, and he now has to decide whether it’s worth it risking his heart after his ex-wife has roughed him up the way she did.

Garrett was not one of my favorites in the team. Certainly not after that cocky speech about golden pussies and all that in the previous book. But he turned out to be a decent man, and a devoted father, so I guess I warmed up to him. His charm was considerably good, too, and that helped a lot in my accepting him at least a little.

But he was not as good a character as Grace was. This woman was the reason this book got a solid 5! Grace was… she was all of us! The readers, I mean. She was sassy, and geeky, and a workaholic. She preferred books and movies and pizza to being with people. She had a dirty mouth, but the voice and tone of a Queen, she was timid and had low self-esteem, but kick her in the wrong place, and she was bound to start kicking you back. I related to Grace so much it nearly freaked me out!

More than her personality as an individual, I loved how she was with Garrett. She loved him, yes, but she never lost her dignity or sarcasm or self-respect for his sake. She didn’t play mind games, and she was honest and upfront from the very beginning. And when Garrett kept comparing her to his ex-wife, she set him straight. When he used Melissa as an excuse to act like a jerk, she had none of it and called his bullshit as she saw it. Magnificent, really, and something I had longed for lately.

Lynn Raye Harris has surpassed herself with this one. Hope the next book lives up to its glory!