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“I love you, Dell. I’ve never stopped loving you.” – Brent Ashton

Well, ok, as far as a story goes, this was a much better one than the previous book’s.

Brent Ashton was definitely a better choice of a man than the previous male lead was, too.

I have this thing with my friends, where we categorize most fictional guys based on our preferences – because all four of us have very different tastes. Brent had a quite decent number of Category L traits (yes, you guessed it right, I meant MY category, hence the L). He was loyal – to the point where he never looked anywhere BUT Kendall’s way. He was hard-working. He was sweet but without leaving the sexy manliness of a cowboy out of the deal. He was a one-woman man, and his possessiveness never went the wrong way – in other words, no violence and jealous, hissy fits. He had faith in his woman to choose the right thing. He was always ready to sacrifice his own desires and dreams for her sake, because keeping Kendall happy was his everything.

I could keep going but, really, the man followed the standards of the L Category to a tee!

Kendall was another reason why this book rated higher than the first one.

She was stubborn when she wanted something, yes, but she never wanted anything unreasonable, so I count that as a positive trait. She was considerate and caring, and had self-respect. Yet she also understood, at some point, that if she didn’t take matters into her own hands, Brent would never make a move because of his moral code. Bless that woman, she was magnificent in the way she pursued him. And no bitchy acts, by the way!

So why not go all the way to the 5th cupcake? Too much tension, and… Where. On Earth. Is my release scene?! That’s the only thing that bothered me. Ok, sex is not always necessary, but if it’s not planned, please don’t bring the sexual tension in the mix, it dampens the mood…

In any case, despite this book being a much more enjoyable read than the other, I don’t think I’ll keep reading the series. I checked out the blurbs, and it seems that most of them have to do with first loves – which, as you know, are not exactly my cup of tea. So I think I’ll pass.


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***