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“Listen good, Emily, because I mean for you to understand this the first time I say it. I don’t give a good goddamn about anything but you and our baby. I love you, and if I have to be a civilian who never leaves the United States, then so be it. No one’s going to stop me from getting a job or taking care of our family. You’re all I need. All I want. If I have to plow fields to be with you, then I’d better go get some shit-kickers and a cowboy hat and figure out how to operate a tractor. Because if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’m doing. You got that?” – Ryan Gordon

Eighth book in the series, and the H.O.T. fort is keeping strong!

Ryan Gordon, aka Flash, has been in love with Victoria’s little sister, Emily Royal bin Yusuf, ever since he met her. But he knows that the terrorist’s widow is off limits. So he kept a friendly distance from her, until a one-night-stand changes everything. Now, Emily is gone, and the team finds out she’s actually working with Ian Black – back in the place that cost her so much when her husband was still alive. It’s time to go get the woman who holds his heart in her not-so-fragile hands back – because now that he’s had one taste, he’s so not letting go!

I keep saying, with every H.O.T. book that I read, that the stories keep getting better and better. I adored the previous books just as much, and still I think that this one was even more awesome – truly a miracle, as I’m known to get bored easily.

But what can I do? It’s hard to state otherwise!

Apart from the fact that I just KNEW Emily would end up with one of the guys, the plot where she finally takes her life in her own hands and tries to correct her past mistakes was remarkable. Add to that the fact she pretty much had Ian and Mendez acting like her military godfathers, and you get the point. She was not as strong as her big sister, but she was just as stubborn and persistent.

Ryan, on the other hand, was nothing like all the guys so far. The guy was not disgusted with all the couples around him, and even found it nice and sort of wanted it for him, too. I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve read a male lead that does not freak out at the idea of settling down and going steady with someone!

And btw, to all those people who said that Ian deseves a book of his own, too, damn it you were right! I can’t believe it! After two books of hating his guts, I actually wanna see him have a happy ending!

I’m taking a break from the series, though, to start reading all those ARCs I have on the side. But I’m never, ever, leaving it for good!

“For someone whose life pretty much relies on knowing what’s happening around him, your lack of observational skills worries me. Don’t you know, Ryan Gordon, that I’ve been in love with you for months? Maybe not from the first moment, but close. I think when I saw you at Jack and Gina’s place, right after Nick and Victoria got engaged, that’s the moment I knew I’d fallen for you. So yes, you gorgeous idiot, I love you. I’ve loved you for a long, long time.” – Emily Royal bin Yusuf