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I know, we’re well past the New Year’s, but I had no laptop to do this stuff, so be kind. As some already know, my laptop crashed right before the year changed – what a crappy way to end the year, freaking out at the concept of losing EVERYTHING I had gathered two years and more ago. That will teach me to have backup – I seriously kept saying” my life is over, I’m ready to die, any minute now”!

Anyway, even so, I really wanted to post this list. Now, you should all keep in mind the order is totally all over the place and not intentional, and those are not the BEST 2015 books for me, just the ones that had stories that really stuck with me.

  • Wolf Trouble, and In the Company of Wolves by Paige Tyler
  • Code Black by Tina Moss
  • Hate F@ck (all three of them) by Ainsley Booth
  • Hot & Bothered, Hot Ice, and Hot Package by Lynn Raye Harris
  • Stolen Fate, and Rogue Soul by Linsey Hall
  • Savage Secrets, Hart Attack, and Black Dawn by Cristin Harber
  • The Hunt for Snow by S. E. Babin
  • Nightmare in Steam by Lexi Ostrow
  • Carter by Adrienne Bell
  • Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon
  • Viking Warrior by Asa Maria Bradley
  • The Gentle Knight by Ashely York
  • The Siren’s Touch by Amber Belldene

And there goes 2015. Hope I get to read even more impressive books this year! And may you all have that blessed thing happen to you, too 😀