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Much of Madness (Conexus Chronicles, #1)

Oh, boy, OH BOY! What did I just read?! Is this for real?!

Seraphina Pearce and Marceau L’Argent are the main characters of this extraordinarily unique story. The first one is a spellcaster, the second one a thief specializing in solving hex puzzles and solving curses. Both of them way too close to Death for comfort – each in their own way. When these two find each other and bond, they set in motion a plan that took place more years than one could live to count.

Let me tell you now, I’m not planning on giving tons of details. Just that this book combined all the spooky stuff that hexes deal with, things that take us for an impressive trip through magic the way we’ve seen in southern movies.

More than that, it was so full of delightful plot twists, there was nothing I could take for granted. Be it a curse or a hex or even a character’s true abilities and loyalties. Everything kept changing places and states, that if you didn’t pay attention, even a little, you’d be lost. I find this an interesting factor – the ability to sort of force the reader to keep a close eye on the text, to make sure nothing is left unnoticed.

All in all, I’m dying to meet the cast of this series again – no pun intended. Especially Kandy. I knew from the first moment she opened her mouth I would adore her, and damn I was right. I want more of her and Finn and certainly more of the main couple, Seraphina and Marceau. Because, come on, they can finally be together, it’s only that we get to witness it, right?

(a little more of Kandy’s awesomeness because I seriously love that woman)
“Okay, a huge pile of blankets, you are both covered in awesome glowing tattoos, and Finn’s hair is standing out in every possible angle, which means you really freaked him out. I hate when I miss the good stuff.”


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