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Mystic Rider: A Mystic Isle Novel

Damn you, Ian, and I was this close to letting this series go unfinished. But now you’ve put me in a position where I want to see how it ends!

Iason Olympus, Ian for his friends, is one of the two candidates to replace the current Oracle of Aelynn. Gifted with the ability to read stars and the will of the gods, as well as the minds of those not of his race, he sets out on a journey in our world, to find the Chalice of Plenty. His timing could be bad enough since the French Revolution is about to break out – but not all is lost, since not only does he find where the Chalice is, he also meets his amacara, the one fated to be his soulmate, as chosen by the gods. Problem is, Chantal Deveau is more than just a Crossbreed with the ability to use music to her advantage – she could also be bearing the symbol of chaos on her body, and this is the last thing Ian needs when he’s trying to secure his place as leader of his people.

I always find the one I like the most from the male leads in a series. Something in me just needs it, I don’t know. So Ian was the one guy who clicked. Scholar-like types are a weakness of mine. And Ian was adorable in his attitude, an arrogant know-it-all one moment, and a curious child the next. He was delightfully lovestruck when it came to Chantal, and yet kept his manly charms if the need arose to seduce her. And unlike a certain sailor brute *glares at Trystan* Ian made as much effort as he could to respect his amacara, not force or manipulate her (OK, he failed there, but he takes A for the effort!), and to try to learn her rather than just order her around. A man with brains, brawn, and charm, seriously, Ian, where have you been all my life? And did I mention he also had enough sense to understand what his people needed despite two very irritating and powerful women yapping his ears off?

Chantal was at times a bit annoying. The only thing that excused her was the fear of the times she lived in – up until she acted ignorant, really lady, the ostrich act is outdated, grow up! But when she embraced Ian and all that he was – although the poor guy had to nearly die for her to finally get it – her feisty nature became a pro against all cons. I think what kept her behind from understanding sooner was her father – sorry, dear old man, but your own prejudice was insufferable, despite you talking a good game of fair justice….

With new light being shed on Murdoch and his reason behind most of his actions, I have to admit I really want to see where this is all going. I know, I know, it’s that bitch Lissandra as the female lead in the next book, but what the hell, I’m curious now and I need to know!!!! DETAILS, WOMAN, I NEED MORE DETAILS!!! AND ANSWERS!!!!


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