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“I considered ye mine. From the first.” – Sean O’Cisoghe

When you’re hooked with a series from the very first book, you often find yourself hoping for more of the characters you encounter and like to get their happy ending. It doesn’t always happen. It certainly isn’t a must for writers to give you, the reader, what you want. They simply follow their whims and the stories in their own minds, and deliver us goodies to read and enjoy.

Thankfully, Mrs. York’s whims and mind seem to be in sync with our desires! Proven by the fact that not only she gave us Peter after we fell in love with him in the first book, but now, after pining for Sean in the second book, she made it happen: she gave us so much Sean goodness, the result was overwhelming and left us ready for more!

So, if you don’t remember Sean, here’s a little reminder: he was the Irish cutie who wanted to marry Brighit in the second book. The one I feared would turn dark and then I would cry because, come on, I’m jinxed, most of the fictional hunks I like either become villains, or, well, they die! But not Sean, no siree! The man not only remained loyal and good, even if he got rejected, he even maintained his honor despite the heartbreak he experienced.

Most men would have taken advantage of Thomasina the way things went between her and Sean. A heartbroken man tends to do cruel things, no offense to any gentleman reading this, but it’s true. You’re just more impulsive when you’re hurt. So, when Sean found Thomasina pretending to be a Tommy, understandably he wanted nothing to do with her. Even so, he still helped her, he still protected her, and no matter how tempting he found her, he kept true to his code and respected her.

Now that’s some serious good writing right there, people. I’ve said it before many times, but if there’s one thing Ashley York has in spades, it’s her knowledge of her characters. Many writers tend to forget how they created their characters in the first place – especially if there’s too many of them – and, under the disguise of growth, change them entirely.

SHE never did that! She showed character growth in both Tommy and Sean, without making them completely different people. She gave them lots of REAL opportunities to fall in love, to develop their romantic feelings, and even allowed them to doubt them because they were so incredibly humane, and humans make mistakes, and they learn from them. Because this is the main theme governing her stories: the poor choices of people, understandably and realistically so, and their efforts to rise from the bottom, to stand up again and move on knowing better this time. She delivered that and so much more. And She. Was. BRILLIANT in doing so!

I can’t wait to see who will be the next lead. And I have no fear: they will certainly have a maginificent story to tell us.

“I ken ye are my tomorrow.” – Thomasina MacDonell



***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***