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In love. In. Freaking. Serious. Love!

If there’s one thing I die for, it’s certainly unique plots. And if they happen to be backed up with a story that keeps you on your toes, then woo-fuckin-hoo, I’m in heaven!!!

Cole is an incubus, and as we all know from common paranormal lore, creatures like him are strictly tied with sex. Feeding on sexual energy and what not. The book took this info a little further, making them invisible to the common eye unless they took a human form which was never theirs, since they’re pretty much incorporeal. Acting upon their victims’ darkest fantasies – victims that were never their choice, but were given to them from their elders – the incubi were to bed said victims, satisfy them, and then leave them pregnant, with very real babies. The sperm, though, was never the incubi’s to begin with. Cole was already a bit, well, tired from all the victims he had to endure, and the newest one was his strangest case yet. Tabitha suffers from schizoprhenia, which means she sees things others don’t, hallucinates. In other words, Tabby can see him! However, her therapist tells her not to treat him as a real person, and that’s where it gets tricky. Because the two are starting to get attracted to each other more than a figment of imagination and an incubus’s victim should be. And their blossoming love is threatening things that existed for centuries – things that will put them both in the center of VERY unwanted and deadly attention.

Like I said, unique plot. But not only that. You see, it’s the first time we get a romance female lead who’s a scizophrenic – at least for me it was. Finally, the heroine could behave as mental as she wanted, and it was alright! It wasn’t because of some emotional glitch that always bugs me, it was because Tabby had a serious psychological problem, and she knew it, and the poor girl even tried to deal with it, to the best of her abilities, considering she had no one to turn to for help. Even when she and Cole were on the run from their pursuers, it was her who had to take a job and provide for them. And instead of being weaker for that, she became stronger emotionally and even ended up dealing the final blow against those who opposed her union with an incubus.

Cole was… interesting. From his perspective, we were able to see many fantasies that modern women have. I do agree with him on the fact that females nowadays are a bit… on the darker side of intercourse, and that reflected on their wet dreams, upon which he focused to make his job easier. This mentally and emotionally exhausted him, and it was fantastic to see a sex-based creature thirsting for some good ol’ slow love-making. It was even more fantastic when he showed certain outbursts of morality when it came to some victims. But the real admiration came when he started spending more time with Tabby. Her issues at first freaked him out and confused him. But after a while he LOVED her for them. To him, her scizophrenia wasn’t an obstacle but a blessing, because it made her see him even in his incorporeal state. For the first time, someone saw HIM, without projecting her own expectations and fantasies on the poor guy to shape him. I can totally see why he woud fall so hard in love in this case.

Another interesting aspect is how the author takes us through the minds and thoughts and psyche of her characters, using first person POV. I’m not usually one for this kind of storytelling, but in this case it helped me a lot. It eased me into better understanding Tabby, and the story flowed easily page by page, overcoming the usual trap of telling instead of showing. Amazing skill, Ms. de Long. Simply amazing!

Now, I don’t want to sound needy and all that, and I know the story pretty much concluded almost everything in a satisfying manner, but if you ask me, a book about Lorelei or Bennett would be most welcome~


***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***