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“If you can’t yet believe you love me, you should believe I love you. I’ve never told you a lie, or not one that mattered, in your life.” – Connor O’Dwyer

Second book in the series, and I gotta say, Connor really helped the whole ordeal here – meaning, if it wasn’t for this cutie pie I would have dropped the book long ago, and abandoned ship, errr, this trilogy, I mean.

Cabhan, the big bad evil, is back and even stronger, targetting the group of our six heroes and using some kind of shadow magic to become corporeal. The six will have to become better at teamwork, planning, and fighting, to survive him and to make sure he doesn’t attack Sorcha’s children to end things before they get started – as he has already proven he can. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own personal issues to deal with. Especially Meara Quinn and Connor O’Dwyer. When friendship becomes something much more intense, killing a dark sorcerer seems sometimes much easier…

I’ve said it before, this reminds me of another series of NR, the one with the Three Sisters Island. Waaaaay too much. And it follows the same problematic steps that the second book of the Sign of Seven did. What were those, you may ask?

Talking. Planning. Describing and explaining dreams and visions to the group of heroes. Aaaaand… repeat. All over again. All the way to the end of the book, where we FINALLY get to see some action.

Don’t get me wrong, I like seeing action scenes in Nora’s stories. It’s just… When it takes toooooo long to come, I’m a little fed up with all the talking and stuff. It explains a lot, yeah, but it’s still tiresome on a certain level.

The only thing that kept saving this book from the DNF state was, like I admitted, Connor. That yummy darling was such a sweetheart, I was cooing at my screen and swooning like crazy! The perfect combination between sweet and hot, manly and adorable, romantic and pervertedly goofy. Connor was a fresh breath of a male lead, and reminded me of one of the things this writer does well: create realistic characters, straight out of everyday life. His lines, his jokes, his gestures, everything was flawed perfection, and I loved it.

Now, I don’t want to be mean to Meara, but God woman there were times I wanted to strangle you in your sleep! How can someone so funny, so open-minded, so badass… be so stupid?! What is wrong with you!?! Distancing yourself, putting yourself and the team in danger, freaking out – and all because he said the three magic words! IT TAKES YEARS OF DEAD-END RELATIONSHIPS, BROKEN HEARTS, AND A SACRIFICE TO WHATEVER DEMON OR PAGAN GOD WILL BE WILLING TO LISTEN, FOR SOME WOMEN TO HEAR THOSE LITTLE WORDS!!! UNGRATEFUL IDIOT!

Ok, ok, rant’s over. Seriously, though, the book owes its four stars to Connor the darling, hands down. Hope Branna doesn’t disappoint me the way her bestie did – though, judging by her behavior so far, I wouldn’t be betting against it….

“I love you, Connor, and ever will.” – Meara Quinn