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“I don’t want anyone else. I’ll never want anyone else. It’s only been you from the moment we met.” – Hannah Miller

When an author you’ve just discovered does an amazing job from the first book you’ve read from them, it only stands to reason that you expect them to keep up the good work. It’s only a straight path up ahead or… well… a downhill spiral. In other words, the next book will be equally good, or worse.

But here Dante comes, ready to kick that kind of expectation outta the nearest window. And salute it goodbye in the most suave of ways – exactly the way he does almost every single thing! Because Dante’s book was even better than Peter’s – and that was already pretty spectacular, anyway!

In Dante’s story, the tall, hot, blonde Indebted decides to deliver a message from one of the criminals he’s out to kill. Turns out that the guy had abused his stepkids, especially his stepdaughter, Jessica, and he asks, as a death wish, for forgiveness. So, Dante takes it upon himself to find the woman and pass on the message personally. During his search, he meets Hannah, a mousy bookshop assistant – and for the first time ever, his long-dead heart starts beating an entirely different tune than the one he was used to for centuries…

Let me tell you right now, if you read the first book and think “OK, awesome, but this is it, there’s no suspense anymore. I know what the Meaningful Kill is now. I know what Dante will have to do. There goes the element of surprise…” – you’re completely wrong! Yes, the Meaningful Kill holds the same theme for almost all the Indebted. But that doesn’t mean that it’s executed the same way for everyone. At least, Mrs. David doesn’t let it be that way.

Element of surprise – restored.

Faith in this series – not lost.

Awesomeness levels – over the freaking roof!

Not to mention the fact Hannah was such a wonderful addition to the female cast of the series. Sweet, selfless, loyal to a fault – even when she had no reason to be. She knew Dante was dangerous since his murderous instincts were all over the place, and yet she decided to trust him. BUT! Make no mistake. She was understanding, not an idiot. She was cautious next to this massive guy, despite wanting him. And the way she kept trying to protect him when she was a bite-sized mortal was so adorable!

Dante… Well, you all know how I feel about the guy. He’s my bias of this series – funny giants always make me go all soft and gooey inside. And we seem to have the same fetish with glasses, so, yeah… I should probably also mention, he came really close to get in my book boyfriends’ Hall of Fame (so far, only two of all the book hunks I’ve read in my life have made it there, so it’s a real accomplishment!).

The story was even better than the first installment of the series. If that was even possible! It was funnier, faster in pace, had more suspense, made me cringe (because this author sure knows how to write torture scenes and make you feel the physical abuse the characters are going through!), and, let’s not forget, had me panting from the hotness in the love scenes. Mrs. David, really, you are a writer of many talents!

Now I’m off to start the next book. Nurse Ratched has my attention alright – I can’t wait to see how a female Indebted performs under the current conditions that Dante and Peter brought upon those who are still not free.

***I was given a review copy via Reeading Alley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***