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“I love you, Piper. All of you. The smart, the sweet, the lost. Everything you are and whoever you’ll eventually become. You gave me a smile when I was in a cage, and you gave me a kiss when we were running through the woods. Now you’re giving me you, and you’re a gift I hadn’t realized existed.” – Jory Dean

And we’re, finally, at the end of the line! And wasn’t that a FANTASTIC journey?! God, honestly, I never like it when I have to finish reading a series I love, and this one wasn’t an exception. But I also know when a story has to come to an end, and I can’t be too selfish and demand more – well, at least where the characters are concerned. And the Dean brothers have gone through so much already, it wouldn’t be fair of me!

As proven in the third book, Jory is actually alive. So his older brothers set off on a crusade to save him and re-unite with him. However the youngest Dean has other plans in mind. His chip has been damaged, and can’t be reached. There’s no saving him – but that doesn’t means he’s given up on trying to save his family. And here comes Piper Oliver – sweet, kind, smart, hacker extraordinaire, and, unfortunately, someone he can’t claim for his own. Piper is hired by the Commander to make sure Jory survives – and stays within his grasp. With only a handful of days left to live, the smartest of the Dean brothers will have a lot to work on if he wants to save his siblings, get free, and protect the girl from a father she doesn’t realize is the most evil of them all…

I think I talk on behalf of all geek girls out there, when I say, hands down, Jory Dean is a guy I would pull into my bed, no questions asked, at the first chance I got, and then convince him somehow to become my future Baby Daddy! Ok, no, I’m not cheating on Mattie, he’s after all my number one book husband, but damn, did Jory get under my skin or what? The guy was tall, hot, tough, full of delicious muscles, a nice butt, and OMG he was a geek! Like, a true, real geek! And he was proud of it! I loved every minute of his story when it focused on him. A soldier and a nerd! You can’t be a hot-blooded woman and tell me, honestly, that a man with the brains AND the brawn doesn’t make your panties go poof! I refuse to believe it!

Sadly, Piper didn’t live up to my expectations the way her male counterpart did. After the badassery of Josie, the sweetness of Laney, and the sassiness of Audrey, and all the forgiveness and love and acceptance those three showed, despite having every reason not to, I expected a woman who would be just as awesome and wonderful as them. And I didn’t get that. No, instead I got a freakishly smart female, with a very nice childhood prior to becoming an adult, who grew up to be a whiny little girl with daddy issues. That right there is proof enough that a happy childhood doesn’t guarantee a clever, intuitive, accepting adult. Because compared to the other three female leads, who lead lives similar to hell on Earth and didn’t get HALF the love Piper got from her mother, the female hacker sucked and big time at that.

I can’t very well accept a woman who sees so many signs that the guy her father has condemned is as honest as they come, that the scum who sired her is a lying bastard (no, seriously, he was lying to her face, and, not even five minutes later, when she cornered him and proved he wasn’t honest, he told her, straight up, that yes, ok, I was lying just now, and SHE STILL CHOSE TO TRUST HIM!!!), that her own mother is scared of said scum, and she still doesn’t get the message: DANGER! GET OUT! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! PREFERABLY WITH THE HOT SMART GUY WHO KEEPS OFFERING TO RISK HIS LIFE TO PROTECT YOU!!!

Other than Piper the smart idiot, the rest of the book was just as perfect as I’ve come to expect from Mrs. Zanetti’s work. It was fast-paced, full of so many surprises I kept screaming at my screen every few chapters, and she ended it in such a way, I wanted more, knew I shouldn’t be selfish, and yet couldn’t help it anyway. She’s a master at leaving you hanging and begging for more, I’ve come to understand that fully now. The dialogues, the action, the twists and the plot – I’m in love with this series, have been from the beginning, and now it’s officially in my go-to list for any time someone dares to ask me “Have any book series to recommend?”.

This is not the last time I’ll be picking a Zanetti book, either. I’m so not stopping here, in fact, I’m getting ready to read other series of hers, too. I’m sure she’s not gonna disappoint!

“I love you, Jory Dean. The tough, the sweet, and definitely the geek.” – Piper Oliver

***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***