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“There’s nothing I want more in this world than you in my life. Every day. I love you more than my own life!” – Odilon Pierre-Noir

The final book of the trilogy, and boy, what a finale! I’m still shocked at how good it was and how awesomely Mrs. David tied the whole thing up!

So, remember Nurse Ratched from Dante’s book? Well, her name is Ruth Blackstone, and, you guessed it right, she’s also an Indebted. Ruth is a little special apart from being a female cursed feeder for The Evil One – Jerahmeel has an odd fascination with her, bordering on obsession. So of course he starts acting up when Odie Pierre-Noir, an old friend of Barnaby’s, starts spending more time with her than he would have liked. Ruth is caught between her demonic boss whom she very much wants to avoid for all eternity, and the attractive guy who seems interested in her but also has an agenda of his own. After getting hurt and betrayed once in her life, will she risk it all again? Especially if the price this time is eternal existence as the Devil’s mistress?

I seriously loved this final installment of the series! Maybe more than I did the other two. With Peter, it was that excitement of something unique and new. With Dante, it was personal, because I was drooling for the man and died a happy fangirl death every time he so much as breathed. But with Ruth? Aaah, with Ruth it was like pure perfection, satisfaction I didn’t even know I was expecting!

The love story was not what we haven’t seen before. A guy wants to use a woman he might have the hots for. Eventually he falls – and hard. Ah, no, that much we knew we had it coming. What was really refreshing, though, was that, until the very last moment, Ruth refused to be used. Have I told you guys how much I love heroines who stay true to their word and don’t act like indecisive brats? Who have spunk and self-respect and know how to kick ass and look AWESOME while doing it? Because I do!

Apart from that, the writer, always an expert with plot twists delivered like sucker punches, managed to make me gasp, once again, and fly off my chair. Just when you think there’s nothing left for her to use, she goes and surprises you in the least expected moment of the story, and she does so unapologetically and quite fabulously – Like. A. Freaking. Boss!

I certainly recommend reading this series to anyone looking for a hot, fast-paced, shiver-inducing story. The characters, the plot turns, the build up, they’re all worth a try. I may miss those six – and boy, I wouldn’t mind a little more something on that hot Spaniard holding Emma at the hospital – but I’m sure glad I got to read their stories and reached the end. It was an experience much appreciated!

***I was given a review copy via Reeading Alley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***