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What if you had a demon inside you, thirsting for blood and violence and dominance? And the only thing keeping it at bay was a drug that could only be found via two ways: either by returning to those who had created and tormented you, or be a full-fledged demon’s minion. What would you do?

For Delta and Gamma, the answer is the latter. The two half-demon siblings only have each other to rely on, but they also need a certain drug that makes the demons inside them controllable. So, instead of returning to the institute that made them this way, they end up doing a demon’s dirty work in exchange for their doses. However, things are never so simple when one deals with creatures of hell, and in this case, Del and Gem are in way deeper than they originally thought…

I know, I know, the summary I just gave you is not satisfactory, not by a long shot. But I swear I have my reasons for that – one of them being that the book was just too awesome to simply summarize for you guys! Seriously, I’m new to Pippa DaCosta’s writing, seeing as this was the first book of hers I read, but I can promise you this, I’m NOT gonna stop until I drop dead! Not to mention that I’ve already added the series that this one was based on in my TR list.

I don’t even know which feature of hers to start praising!

The plot? It was original, it was full of twists, and right when you thought that you could breathe freely because things were going into a final direction, the current changed again and you were back at square one! It made not only the story, but also the world and the characters seem so real, so 3D and stuff. By making the story flow in so many directions, DaCosta managed to do what I previously thought impossible: make her book’s universe, all of it, move with the story! It was like having a story with its own breath and pulse, a living being that went far higher than a simple combination of words and letters.

And the characters, oh, they were amazing! All of them flawed, to the point where it was hard to find something good on them, and yet, I was OK with that! They were all wearing their sins like they would their Sunday church clothes, some of them proudly, some of them with an air of inevitability, yet all of them displaying them and not even trying to fix them. It may sound amoral, or that they have no room for character growth, but I firmly believe that this attitude of theirs is EXACTLY why their growth, when it happens, will be spectacular! Gem, and Torrent, at some point tried to be better as individuals, but one has to admit, they sucked at it. Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. They have every right to be like this!

I also liked how the demons were portrayed. At some point, Allard’s sexuality was brought up. I think it was very accurate that he had no gender preference, since demons are supposed to be hedonistic creatures, and for them, sex is sex. Romance has no place in their existince, and DaCosta captured that particular fact beautifully. Also, this story may be heading to a triangle – or square, I have three potential lovers for Gem in my mind – and I still don’t mind! I hate relationships that don’t follow the simple math rule “1+1=2” but in this case? I don’t mind at all!

Before I finish this review, let me announce to the world: I WANT LI’EL! I’ve always been partial to his sin, like, seriously, whenever I find a story that has sins in it, the guy connected with pride will turn out to be my favorite, and once again, I was in love! The guy is down right lickable! I wanna take that spectacular male vessel of his and lick it all over! Since he said he doesn’t mind human females swooning over him, I think we would be able to reach a mutual understanding, no?

***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***