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“In four centuries roaming this earth, I have never loved a woman the way I love you, Jane.” – Barnaby Blackstone

Good Lord, what was this prequel?!?! And here I was, always hesitant about the stories before everything in a series “really” began! Well, OK, except in this case, because Barnaby was a secondary character who played a major role in the four other Indebted getting free – I needed to know his story!

And I sure as hell wasn’t disappointed! I finally got to see how Barnaby was in his… umm, can we call it youth if we’re talking about an immortal guy…?

OK, I’ll call it that for now. In any case, just as I was curious to see Barnaby in the same light I saw Peter, Dante, and Odie, I also wanted to meet his Jane. And to witness the moment he broke his contract, because, yeah, that’s a major part in every book of this series. (view spoiler)

Now, I may have read all the books coming AFTER this one, but that didn’t take the fun out of reading Flame’s Dawn. I have finally come to the conclusion that Jillian David never gives the same kind of surprises in her stories. The main theme and the concept may be the same, but each book delivers different shocks, different expectations, and all in completely different patterns. Each of her stories feels like a hidden treasure – one that has a giant red bow on top of the chest, because it also comes as an early birthday/Christmas present! You simply have no idea where it will lead, or how it will get to the climax that will leave you breathless, but you’re certain it will be spectacular!

Apart from the ‘HOLY-WOW-THIS-IS-AMAZEBALLS’ feeling that you get when you see the events in her stories unfold in the most unexpected of ways, there’s no denying that she can also scare the crap out of anyone like there’s no tomorrow. It’s not that she has the goriest stuff in there, or the psychological warfare she unleashes is something we haven’t experienced in such books before. It’s the fact that she weaves her words in a spell full of tension in the air, and the constant fear that something is either behind the next corner, or chasing after you, and you’re not sure how to mentally proceed – that traitorous mixture of false safety and well-earned caution does wonders to keep the pages turning and your heart trying to thump its way out of your chest.

She’s one of the few writers who can keep scaring me and making me try to climb the chair I’m sitting on backwards. I really won’t mind at all! Her work is exceptional, and believe you me, her characters never fail to impress. Deep, complex, with real fears and flaws and honest mistakes that any true human being would make. And when they come to be together, as one, the result is simply hot! And magical – but also, hot, did I mention that?

“There’s nothing I want more than to be with you for whatever forever means for us.” – Jane Larson

***I was given a review copy via Reeading Alley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***