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Now THAT’s what I needed recently as an ARC. Kinda short, but extra sweet – well, if spicy is your kind of sugar, anyway…

Destiny Grabble was always sweet on Chance Everett, despite knowing that they could never be together. Not only was he her best friend’s ex, but she also was nothing like what she assumed his type to be. However, a tragic accident with paranormal consequences brings them closer than any of them ever imagined…

I really liked where this one headed. First and foremost, I spent at least two chapters trying to figure out what had happened, and that was a nice change of pace from the usual romances I read. It added to the suspence and was unique. Plus, I enjoyed seeing those two dancing around each other and making their lives harder by not straight out talking it out – shameless sadist that I am.

What made it even better was the chemistry Chance and Destiny had – no matter if they didn’t realize it as easily as I did, not everyone is a genius like me. They instantly clicked, and while I don’t always appreciate insta-love, I’ll have to admit this one worked quite nicely. And don’t get me started on the hot scenes! Goodness gracious, I even felt a bit needy about that kind of lifestyle Chance lead – and I’m a prude in what I consider actually sexy, mind you! So well done, Mrs. Bristol, for making me like something I normally frown at – achievement unlocked!

The only reason this wasn’t a 5-cupcake review was because I didn’t find it satisfying that things stayed that way. No more details on the matter cause I really don’t wanna give any spoilers – honestly, though, if I was in Destiny’s shoes, I wouldn’t feel that well about my… “situation” continuing like this even after the man of my dreams claimed he wanted me. But that’s a personal thing so I can’t judge – much.

***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***