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I suppose not every book themed the way I like it is going to make me all giddy… Well, I’m OK with that, sort of…

The story is about Becca, a young woman obsessed with the Golden Age of Piracy, and who’s in lust with one of the historical faces the current museum display she’s helping put up is hosting, James Morrow. Somehow, while touching one of the swords, she travels back in time – and straight into his arms. Having the same name and face as his bitch of a wife, she gets nothing but cold lust and suspicion from the pirate captain – especially since she’s nothing like the shrew he knew to have married. However, facing dangers and enemies together while at sea makes them get closer than they initially thought…

Seriously, I liked the idea of it all. Time-travelling, and pirates, and a short sexy story of a love meant to be despite the individuals being born centuries apart. And did I mention the pirates? Craaaazy One Piece fangirl here (ha! you lot thought it was about Jack Sparrow, huh? well, he’s a good bonus, too, but come on, who can compare to the Strawhats and, oh, good Lord, to Kid and Law?!), so yeah, the pirate-theme always gets me.

So what went wrong?, you might ask.

Well, the whole thing went from zero to one hundred waaaay too fast. Even for a short story, that was too much. You can’t reach true love from simple lust – and let’s face it, Becca didn’t even know James, yet she was halfway in love with him just because he was hot and knew how to make a woman scream in bed, while James wasn’t even THERE since all he was seeing was his wife acting suspiciously different. A few arguments, loooots of tupping, and BAM! Love is in the air -oh, wait, no, that’s actually the ocean breeze…

It didn’t work for me. Emotionally, that is. Becca was a fine enough girl, and I liked her alright, but James… I’ve had enough of hot guys being jerks because someone wronged them, thank you very much. He may be entitled to it, but it still irked me. Not to mention the adultery! Seriously? Sleeping with other women?

I don’t care how much of a bitch your wife is, sir. I would find it even more acceptable if you simply strangled her in her sleep or threw he off the ship, than to get between another woman’s legs. That’s a big no-no for this family-oriented gal right here, and the fact you actually fell back in love with said wife – or, well, her clone – and decided to finally keep Captain Jr. down there happy with only one female doesn’t mean squat to me. Cheating is still cheating!

Another problem – the freaking back door. Once was enough for me. Seeing it used again – AND WHY THE PEARLS?!?! THEY’RE MY FAVORITE GEMSTONES AND YOU NEARLY RUINED THEM FOR ME!!! – had me cringing. Like, a LOT!

Finally, the whole time-travelling thing. I would have been fine without one single explanation. No, really. I think it would have been way better than what I was given. I felt like I was reading the script of some kind of cartoon. So not in touch with the “pirate erotica” theme the book had going on up until that point.

Of course, no one should forget that maybe Ms. Jordan didn’t meet MY pirate-romance standards. That doesn’t mean she may not reach someone else’s, as the story was otherwise well-written in terms of grammar, historical reference, humor and pace. I’m also after reading other books of hers, in hopes of finding if maybe they can click better than this one.

***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***