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“You can’t hide or run from me. I’ll follow you, Finbar, track you like a hound, I swear it on my life. I won’t go back to living without what I love. I love you.” – Branna O’Dwyer

I… don’t even know where to start. I have no idea where this one went wrong, but it sure as hell wasn’t what I expected from a NR trilogy concerning witches…

In the finale of the O’Dwyer Cousins series, we see Branna O’Dwyer and Finbar Burke in ways we dreamed of ever since detecting their chemistry and tension. However, they both know there can never be anything more between them than friendship and companionship against Cabhan. The universe – and what happened between their ancestors – are bound to keep them apart forever. Even so, they’re determined to break the dark curse circling above their heads once and for all, if only to make sure their loved ones will be happy and prosper without any more fears in the future…

Seriously, this series was already kinda… not my cup of tea, but this final book? It just nearly made me break down in tears of frustration! It’s bad enough there was way too much research and talking instead of action, but at least in the other two books I had the couples to take my focus away from that. Unfortunately, such was not the case with Branna and Fin.

Allow me to make myself clear right now: IT WAS NOT FIN’S FAULT! The guy was perfect, and if men like him actually exist, can I please have one? I’ll happily and proudly make him my babies’ daddy! A man romantic, selfless, self-sacrificing, always thinking of the best for his soulmate, even building a freaking house the way she would want, hoping against all hope that she would grace him with her presence and notice what he had done for her! He was a homemaker, and a warrior, and a hard-working good friend, all in one temptingly good-looking package (an Irish one, mind you, so yeah, he was 99% perfect IMHO), and what does Branna see when it comes to him?

His cursed mark!

What on sweet Earth, woman?! The poor bloke was practically melting for you, laying everything he always had and will be at your ungrateful bitchy feet, and you can’t bring yourself to see past what he had no say in or could help with? It’s not like he asked for it!

OK, yeah, she somewhat trusted him after TWO books of everyone around her being on her case to finally do so, but that meant squat to me! She was hard to work with, unbearably bitchy and snappy, and she kept unconsciously blaming him for his connection to the dark bastard they had to deal with – you can’t fool me, I just KNOW she did!

Not to mention that, yes, she was boring! BORING! If she wasn’t cleaning or subtly snapping in her unique “iceberg” way, she was cooking. All. The. Time! And don’t get me started on when she talked to Brannaugh – dear ancestor of hers, can you go die for me somewhere far away from this realm? HOW DARE YOU TALK LIKE THAT ABOUT A POOR MAN WHO WAS DENIED WHAT HIS HEART WANTED THE MOST BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOUR MOTHER CURSED HIM WITH LOOOONG BEFORE HE WAS BORN?!

The only thing that saved this from being DNF-shelved was NR’s awesome-as-always way of writing and her witty, funny dialogues. That and… well, it’s in Ireland! What’s not to love about the place? In any case, I might take a long break from NR, just to make sure that the next time I come back I won’t regret it. It would be a shame, since she’s the one who made me see the beauty of romance in books…

“In my life, you are all I’ve wanted. Above all else.” – Finbar Burke