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What happens when you put together a ghost viewed as satanic and a man labeled as a coward? Well, you might just want to read this book and see for yourselves!

James Cowper is a young gentleman who freaks out when it comes to holding a gun. Thus, he is labeled as a coward when he can’t be of any use during the Great War, and lives on being mocked by his village. Unable to keep going on like this, James decides to commit suicide – only to be stopped by the most unexpected person. The village’s resident naked ghost, miss Georgia Palmerton, states she can’t let him take away his life, seeing him as someone very precious to her. With this most unusual ally by his side, James finds courage he never thought he possessed – it’s time for him to get back his honor. There’s only one catch – he has to help Georgia get back to life!

With no small amount of witty dialogues – courtesy of our dear ghost – and beautiful, innocent romance, this book is certainly something else. While ghost romance has become quite popular recently, I found this one to be a much better choice than other titles of this kind I’ve read.

First of all, James is courteous, kind, and definitely much more of a man than he gives himself credit for. It’s true that he found it hard to put his foot on the ground and demand things that were rightfully his, but I don’t believe that was his fault entirely. The poor guy had a whole village making his life hell, and on top of that, a mother who kept trying to coddle him while listening to that stupid aunt of his on the matter. It was literally him against the world!

So it wasn’t shocking at all, when he started showing some major backbone and badass tendencies the minute he realized he actually had someone in his corner. Georgia did him some good – scratch that, she practically made him see that he owned a set of balls, and it was long overdue he used them! Their relationship and teamwork was nothing short of beautiful!

The only reason this didn’t get any more cupcakes was because I felt something missing. I would have liked something more to be completely satisfied, though I’m not exactly sure what….

***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***