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“You deserve to hear the truth occasionally. Unvarnished, no bullcrap. I’m in love with you.” – Bishop O’Kane

Sweet, to the point, and oh good God, as sexy as everything that comes out of Harber’s talented hands!

Bishop O’Kane is the new addition to the Titan team – you know, the one that Sugar and Lexi scouted in the previous book? Yup, and he didn’t disappoint! I swear, I was scared he might not be good enough for the original team, but damn, he was, and fantastically at that! He was all business-comes-first, and broody but with a soft spot for kids and strong-willed women – with a sense of humor greatly appreciated from yours truly. Plus, he was GROWLING!

Definitely Titan material, so I guess Sugar was right – AGAIN!

Now, on to Ella. Ella was the famous vlogger that Bishop had to protect, since an obsessed stalker was making her life terrifying to experience, to say the least. Problem is, they once were an item before an incident that cost them both a common loved person tore them apart. I may have liked Ella at the beginning a bit. She was feisty and passionate when it came to her work and her morals. She didn’t mind facing the entire world just to make sure justice prevailed.

And then… she lost me.

See, I can accept someone being uncomfortable with so many sudden changes in their routine, even if it’s for their own protection. But I simply can’t comprehend how someone as brave as her could not put her foot down and demand respect and some kind of privacy from her agent and partner. When it came to those two, she instantly transformed into a mindless doll, a puppet, doing and acting as they told her to! It was annoying at first, and it soon became a pet peeve! Like, congratulations, miss Leighton, you just added a new pet peeve on my list, WOW!

But the problems with Ella’s personality didn’t stop there! Oh, no! The woman turned out to be a downright idiot! Constantly putting others and herself in danger because she refused to accept reality. Never allowing Bishop to do his freaking job. Always putting the poor man in the spotlight for millions of viewers to criticize and analyze him. And of course she was ALWAYS the victim, why couldn’t anyone understand that? But also a fighter, so no thank you to protection! (notice the sarcasm or was it subtle enough?)

Oh, oh, and she DARED to think that the entire Titan team – Jared and Bishop included – was full of mindless, meat-headed, gym-obsessed, happy-finger-trigger gun-totting brutes! Woman, I’ll leave the fact you insulted our dear Boss Man, but what on Earth?! BISHOP WAS ONCE YOUR SWEETHEART, ARE YOU HONESTLY THAT SHALLOW TO JUDGE OTHERS BASED ON APPEARANCE FOR ALMOST THE WHOLE BOOK WHEN YOUR JUDGEMENT HAS PROVEN COUNTLESS TIMES TO BE FAULTY AND KEEP EVERYONE TOXIC AS CLOSE TO YOU AS POSSIBLE?!?!

All in all, the story was great. Packed with action and suspense, and tons of sexual tension. Tension that always delivers the best hot scenes, as Cristin Harber has proved from day one. And while we pretty much know the stalker right from the start, it still didn’t lose its edge as the protagonists were trying to stay out of his radar without much success. The only reason why this didn’t get the fifth cupcake was Ella. I think it was the first time I seriously hated a main character of this series, and I hope it will be the last.

Now I’m waiting for Locke’s story! LET ME TELL YOU, I FEEL THIS ONE WILL BE MY TITAN MAN!!!

“You didn’t change everything. You set the bar. And when you weren’t there, the world fell apart. Now that you’re back, everything, for me, has gone back to as it should.” – Ella Leighton