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“You’re my woman.” – Locke Oliver

Holy shizzlesticks, if that wasn’t the hottest book in the history of hot books! And I think I said it sometime while reading it, but wow, seriously, I think Cristin Harber outdid herself with Locke’s story!

If you think you have seen it all with the Titan books, and that Mrs. Harber has nothing more or new to offer, think again. Because this new addition to the series just proves she has a lot more to tell us about her characters and their universe!

Locke Oliver was the silent, strong guy we met and loved in Bishop’s book. But it turns out he has more than just his good looks and calm camaraderie going on under the surface of total self-control. When the Titan team rescues a woman from his past, Cassidy Noble, he snaps and all hell breaks loose. With his job on the line, he has to make peace with his memories of what this woman has done to him, or risk losing it all. And all this, while she’s trying to follow a trail full of conspiracies and danger in the name of exposing the truth!

Titan has been expanding. We knew that, and we experienced it with Bishop. But, despite how awesome his story was, nothing can compare with Locke’s book! I’m saying this now, and please don’t take it lightly, not even the rest of the books! Nothing can prepare you for the shock you’re in for when you turn its pages!

Full of intrigue and suspense, Locke and Key had danger written all over it, and the funny thing was, while it’s practically there, in your face, you still don’t see it coming when it finally hits you. Apart from the knowledge that international crime and warfare are in a state of technological progress – which shows even more not only because it’s one of the few things we haven’t witnessed fully yet with Titan, despite having read Parker and Bishop, but also from the fact that the older Titan members, especially Jared, were at a loss of what it was the bad guys were trying to do at first – , Mrs. Harber gives us so many things to focus on, it’s nearly impossible to remember it and yet it still strikes when you least expect it. With tons of scenes where the new guys are trying to work out the team dynamics, and hot parts that had me chasing my poor panties around my chair, this new book of the Titan series is sure to leave you begging for more, and happy to have added it to your collection.

By the way, the newcomers were not the only ones in need of working things out. Forget the usual “ex-lovers” theme, or the “childhood friends” one. Unlike Cash and Nic, Bishop and Ella, and Jenny and Asher, Locke’s past with Cassidy came with a looooot of baggage. And it wasn’t the nice kind. Under no circumstances were they more than polite to each other, and the way their paths split up? Let me just say, a Locke who has snapped and refuses to listen to reason is one rare sight, of the panty-melting quality and a quite powerful emotional impact.

But, despite all that, these two managed to get over the bad blood between them, and steadily built a strong relationship. It was fun to watch as it developed, and hot as hell, especially since Locke turned out to be the kind of guy who calls names to show affection. Oh, and let’s not forget the dirty talking. Good Lord, that man had a mouth on him, and I can only be grateful for that little detail in his personality! With a fiery woman like Cassidy, Locke’s mouth did wonders to the story, and watching them fight most things out, I was almost brought to tears at how perfect they were for each other.

I can only say with certainty, that I will never cease being pleasantly surprised by Cristin Harber. Her talent in military romance is one that needs to be praised constantly, as it is rare and simply mind-boggling!

“Yours.” – Cassidy Noble

***I was given an ARC by the writer in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***