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What do you do when that one-night-stand which made you a single mother turns out to be more than you expected?

December Farmer hasn’t forgotten Tito Perez. He is after all the father of her daughter. But when five years go by and he’s nowhere to be found, December takes it upon herself to find him and make him report for duty as a father. Still, going to Maria, New Mexico, was surely an experience the headstrong woman wasn’t exactly ready for….

I must say, I expected a bit more from this book. Given the fact that the whole plot was not something I’ve encountered before, I had my hopes up. I mean, Aztec demigods and cougar shifters – what’t not to like and get you excited?! Right?

Unfortunately, the main characters ruined some of the fun for me. Tito was constantly in a teenage state of mind, where he endlessly tried figuring out what to do with his life and how to man up and accept the facts surrounding him. Given the fact he’s a freaking demigod who has lived CENTURIES made the whole ordeal even wrose! I’m sorry, dude, but how much more time do you need?!

And then, our dear December. God, the annoyance! Following Tito’s example faithfully, December started acting like a teenage, angsty, tsundere girl for a good part of the book. Here we have a single mother who has supposedly raised a brilliant daughter all on her own, and suddenly, the minute she sets her eyes on the “scumbag” who left her to fend for herself and a baby, she loses all signs of maturity and enters a state of angst and denial. No, I don’t want you in my life, Tito, there’s too much baggage here – oh, but how dare you try to cast me out to protect me?

The only reason why I enjoyed somewhat this book was the twist with the angels – like, really, I’m getting ready to read Tamatsu’s story, and there better be some more, his friend was a sadist who made my loins tremble! Oh, and Lola with Cruz. Honestly, if Tito’s mother and daughter were the protagonists, I think this would have been more exciting – plus, they would have done the bad guys in much faster than the main leads, and with less casualties on the good guys’ side.

Still, all is not lost on this series. Like I said, there’s Tamatsu coming up, and we loooove a fallen badass angel, always a good bonus! Not only that, but the cougar shifters were really interesting, so I’m thinking of adding their books to my list and get to know them sometime…

***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***