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Well, well, well. A prime example of what a couple of plot twists can do, hidden in plain sight – and yours truly reaaaally liked that!

In the first book of Rockfort Security, we see Jack Brandt, one of said Security’s members, struggling to escape from an illegal military organization, where he was tortured when its leader found out he was a spy. Beaten bloody and naked, he ends up suffering from slight amnesia outside Morgan Rains’s wood cabin. Morgan is a young widow who’s been going through the motions of life ever since her husband died. By finding Jack and helping him, she becomes involved with the mess following him – and for once in her life after her dead husband passed away, starts living again, as they both fight to make it to safety and bring down the evil chasing them.

I enjoyed this story way too much. Not only was it carefully written, but its pace was fast and unforgiving, and the love scenes were scorching hot and well-placed! The suspense never left the story until the very last pages, and the emotional roller-coaster we had to go through because of Morgan and Jack was much appreciated.

Speaking of Morgan and jack, they were amazing. Jack was full of honor, so protective, always putting Morgan’s well-being above everything else. He was so obviously in love with her it hurt to read, but didn’t even realize it until she was taken from him – typical male, but still understandable. His concern for her being happy and safe even reached the point where he had convinced himself she would be better off without him, because he didn’t wish to have her repeat the experience of losing a husband to a gun.

Morgan, on the other hand, was the epitome of wonderful female lead. While she was hurting and she was scared of all this sudden danger in her life, she had enough sense in her to realize she could move on and fall in love again, and the world wouldn’t come to an end – she would not be betraying her husband by being happy. She was determined and clever, even if she knew she was weak and at many times helpless. She used her mind and her psychological knowledge to cover up for her mishaps, and she balanced emotional and logical like a pro.

I wish I get to read many more couples like those two, they were what I needed these days. I’ve read the next book and I’ll be reviewing that one, too, sometime soon, but I have a feeling Morgan and Jack are my favorite couple in the series yet.