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“Do you even know I love you, Wilder? I’ve never said it. But can’t you feel it every time I look at you or touch you? Don’t you know I love every inch of you, even the parts that are hurt beyond repair?” – Jenny Piper

Wow!!! Just… WOW!!! Now that’s a start to a series I’m dying to keep reading!

Elliott Wilder is part of a council of leaders. Leaders of the Arctic werewolves, that is. But he has long given up the responsibilities of his position, along with his furry nature, due to a tragic event a long time ago with Siberian werewolves. But now those same werewolves are back, and their leader is after the Arctic Brotherhood generally, and Elliott personally. Can Jenny Piper, a new member of the Brotherhood and an Arctic werewolf herself, get him to accept his past and his inner wolf now that his people need him?

I must say I enjoy shifter romances. But they’re usually about shifter and a human, and yada yada yada. This one, however, was different. Elliott is a wolf who doesn’t wish to walk on four legs anymore – and his soulmate, Jenny, is a wolf of the same kind, only she enjoys being one way too much. It’s a combination I rarely see, and I can’t say it didn’t work out perfectly with the story.

The pace was a bit slow at first, but as soon as Santin kept adding pressure, things picked up really quickly. I loved every single one of the Brotherhood – even Samson the sexist – and I’m impressed by the fact that Godman wrote Jenny to be leader material, instead of simply a leader’s mate. The “equality” message worked nicely, and it was subtle and fitting, without the complications of forcefully getting there – unlike many works of art and literature these days that seem to have lost all kinds of sense just for the sake of political correctness. Not to mention how shocked I was with a couple of plot twists – like the ones with Fenrir and Gunnar.

The only thing that irked me a bit were the lovemaking scenes. Oh, they were hot, no doubt about it. But poor Jenny had to deal with a lot of insecurities and self-doubt from Elliott before he gave in not only to her love, but also to his own desires. It didn’t take too much out of the story’s enjoyment, though, so I didn’t count it in when I was rating the book.

I’ve also read Samson’s book and I’ll be reviewing it soon. Stay tuned for it!

***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***