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Finding the Dream (Dream trilogy #3)

“I loved you. And the only thing more pitiful than that is that even as you turn me away like this, so carelessly, I still do.” – Laura Templeton

Fucking finally!!!! Laura’s story!!! Oh, I was sooooo waiting for this!!!

We’ve read about Laura Templeton and her failure of a married life in the previous books. In the first book, she found out about her neglecting, over-controlling husband cheating on her. In the second, we saw her struggling to move on with her life, having to deal with the aftermath of her marriage on her immediate family and a new job. In this one, we finally get to witness karma giving back to her what she really deserved – love and respect, a man capable of making her see that she’s a desirable woman with actual value, not a faceless doll with a big fat dowry. But said man, Michael Fury, is not exactly what she had in mind when she once dreamed of her Prince Charming…

I seriously loved this book the most, even if Kate is still my favorite of the trio. It was full of heartbreaking moments, and there were many times I had to dab my wet eyes with tissues. Not only because some scenes were really too sad to read, but also because there were some others in which the characters – particularly Michael in his interractions with Laura’s daughters – brought me to tears with their kindness and touching speeches. It was, without a doubt, the most beautiful book of the trilogy.

Laura was a character I found wonderful. Her inner, quiet power, how she was steadfast and could actually stand her ground, but without being aggressive or petty, her noble nature, it was far too different from her hot-headed friends. And seeing her struggle with her kids after that nasty divorce, and how she tried to get back her sense of self after YEARS of mental abuse from her ex, made me remember that not all women need to start kicking asses and making scenes in public, or think like men, to be truly strong and powerful. I also loved the fact that, when things got rough with Michael, she didn’t bitch, instead she was really mature about it.

Michael was THE delight to read about, though. First of all, he made it to my Book Boyfriend List of ’17 – THE MOMENT HE ENTERED THE BOOK. He was funny and sarcastic and hot, and if you know me and my kryptonite, you have surely heard of the way I practically melt when a guy is good with kids. And Michael wasn’t just good with Laura’s kids – he was more of a father than their own father had ever been! The way he could put them in their place, and yet he melted with every hug or cute words of theirs, the way he would put them first in his priority list, even if he had nothing to gain from it and they weren’t HIS kids to worry about – the guy is perfect!

Not that Laura’s family could see it. And here’s what bugged me throughout all the book – though not enough that I would lower its rating. Every single soul near Laura, with a few exceptions, had something to say against the poor man. Her parents, her brother, Margo’s mother… The only ones who had no problem with it were Kate and Byron (OF COURSE!), Margo (though she doesn’t count, she was just thinking only of the sexual benefits Laura could get out of this), and the cook.

And while I do get the parental reaction, I couldn’t help but hate Josh (even more if that was even possible!) and Annie! First and foremost, Annie was so adamant in her initial opinion of Michael, based entirely on false rumors and gossip, that she didn’t even THINK of crossing out those facts with what was right there in front of her eyes, even if she was given plenty of proof from Michael’s behavior. The guy would breathe in a way she found unacceptable and she would judge him for it, as well! And Josh was history’s WORST best friend! I wouldn’t want to have this guy in my corner, ever – not even if you paid me for it! What kind of person critisizes his best friend for things he has also done in his life, and, when seeing him with his sister, suddenly forgets that said best friend is actually a decent man and turns on him, saying those spiteful things in his face? I mean, couldn’t he see how much Michael was hurting with all this? His face was practically screaming it, damn it! I don’t know how Michael forgave the bastard, honestly – I would have never done that! (which also says much about his kindness, once again!)

And suddenly, when the poor dude nearly dies to save Laura, everyone sees that he was actually the perfect guy for her. WHAT THE QUIZNAK?!?! What is wrong with those people?!!? Does someone need to go meet their maker early for them to deem them worthy?!

Even with those people ruining the beautiful scenes of the book, though, I couldn’t help but love it. It was exactly what this trilogy needed to come to an end, and for the reader to get closure with this story, and move on to other series.