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Angel Kin (Angel Assassins, #2)

Good Lord, have mercy on my poor soul – and panties, because holy wow, what was that?!

Katie Logan, a modern female Robin Hood, becomes the unfortunate witness of a gruesome murder while on a heist. With her target already dead – and fearing for her own life, as well – she enlists the help of a very… special team. Cain and his brothers are half-breeds, sons of angels and mortals, who do not fit in any of the two worlds, and are working as assassins for Heaven. Cain is assigned to protect the little burglar, but what happens when he starts feeling closer to his charge than normal – especially since she can’t seem to trust him, given it was his face she saw that fateful day that changed her life?

I simply loved this one. So many awesome characters, fantastic dialogues, and don’t get me started on the love scenes, the suspense, the action. The story had everything I could possibly love in a book and then some!

It starts with a bang, right from the beginning, with a murder scene so gruesome, I wanted to puke! It wasn’t only the fact that there was very specific detail about Ray’s suicide, it was the psychological warfare of Abel forcing him to do it, and honestly, it was like one of those scenes in horror movies, where you want to turn away and not see what happens next – yet you can’t, because it’s still amazing and intriguing even if your whole stomach’s threatening to spill from your ears!

The love scenes were hot! Not just steamy, HOT! Cain, despite being so old, was not exactly experienced, yet they were so perfectly in sync, Katie thought that wasn’t the case and got jealous – awwww! Not to mention how much they kept fighting each other, with Katie giving as good as she took when her protector was purposely being a jerk – and we all know how couples who do that end up, teehee! (also, let it be known, it was honestly good, it wasn’t just me being biased because Cain is one of my favorite characters to use in a fictional story)

The dynamic in the assassin team was pure perfection. They acted like a true unit, despite being all so different, and the love and affection they held for each other could move a grown man to tears. If one of them was to take the fall, the rest would either be there to take it with him, or try to shoulder his suffering and pain themselves.

The only downside to the story – although not enough for me to lower the rating – was the fact that it took a veeeeery long while for Katie to start fessing up very serious and very important details to the mission. She kept hiding things and omitting information crucial to her survival and the quest she set them all on, and while I understood why she did it at first, it was painful to watch after she found out what happened with Tanis in the past – and she kept doing it!

I’m in love with this series, and I can’t wait to read more – and the prequel as well, Ionie was such a sweetheart in this one! I also wouldn’t mind a book for Abel. From what I saw, he had quite the potential to become a critical part in this war, and his actions in the end for the sake of his brother showed there’s more to him than what we expected to see. (and really, you can’t leave me hanging there with all the what-ifs! my heart recognized the Loki Laufeyson in the dude and I need more!!!)

***I was given an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***