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Cupcakes and Popcorn is a shared blog between Lydia and Anastasia, two cousins who love movies and books.  We review the books and movies that catch our eye, so that you may read or watch them, too – if you so wish it 😉

Our Reviewers               

The Bookaholic… 

SpringLydiaLydia is a major bookworm, who loves reading almost as much as chocolate, shoes, and coffee… No, scratch that, nothing is better than coffee! She’s quite emotional and enthusiastic in her reviews, and often quite perverted, too.

At her free time – if there’s any between her tutor sessions, uni classes, and her reading – she likes baking and listening to music. She’s also an anime fan, and tends to lean towards geek behavior.

…and the Cinemaniac!

SpringAnastasia I don’t know what I have to write to introduce myself! There is always someone who asks me where I came from, what I’m doing, what my interests are… I will make an effort to be short and sweet, though 😉

I have definitely 2 passions, movies and sweets!!! Here, I can share only one! Of course I love books, but I’ll leave that to my beloved cousin!!! Enjoy!!!

Design E

In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, the reviewers of “Cupcakes and Popcorn” would like everyone to know that it should be assumed that every book  reviewed here at “cupcakesandpopcorn.wordpre​ss.com” was purchased by both or one of us and NOT provided by the publisher or the author unless specified otherwise. Put simply, personal reading copies are used for the reviews unless an advanced reader copy (ARC) has been provided by a third-party (publishers, publicists, agents or authors etc) in which case it will be expressly specified when that is the case. Also, please note that under no circumstances do we receive any monetary compensation for the reviews posted on this blog. The reviews we write will include purely our personal opinions and only that. Thank you.”




1 cupcake – I regret I ever read this!

2 cucpcakes – It wasn’t that bad, but I would never recommend it to                        anyone.

  3 cupcakes –   Good, but I possibly won’t read this again.

   4 cucpakes  – Very good and a possible re-read! Just a little                                                             something missing.

    5 cucpakes – PERFECT!!!


1 popcorn flake – Awful, I wasted my time and so will you!

2 popcorn flakes – I couldn’t stand to finish it but I did!

 3 popcorn flakes  – So and so but I won’t watch it again!

4 popcorn flakes – Awesome, I’ll watch it over and over again!

5 popcorn flakes – Excellent! I can’t describe how amazing it was! WATCH IT!



4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Liza Barrett said:

    I’ve nominated your for the Liebster Award: http://classycatbooks.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/liebster-award/

    • We thank you for the nomination, but we don’t have time to do a post for this award, so we’ll pass. Even so, thank you for considering us 🙂
      ~ Lydia & Anastasia ~

  2. Hi! Peg Pierson here. Thank you for the wonderful review of flirting with fangs!
    I really appreciate it. Flirting with Fairies, a sequel starring Nicole as the heroine, and a new hero, Kaleb, a young geeky but still hot writer, just got contracted with Wild Rose Press. I was happy you liked my supporting cast as Albert plays a big role in this book!
    I’m half finished with the final installment, Flirting with Fins. It stars Richard, and a mermaid, Nancy, a villain from a short story I wrote.
    Thanks again!!!!!

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