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Let’s begin with a bang, shall we?

Oh, yes, please!!!

Michele Renae’s main heroine suggested starting the second book with a bang – and boy, what a bang that was!

Our story picks up from where it left off. The heroine now has the power to decide whether or not she should contact Monsieur Sexy on Skype. Will she take the leap and add sound to their odd relationship? And if she does, will the newfound intimacy make what they have steadier – or will it break it beyond repair?

Screen starts in a way that is even hotter than Window – right from the first chapter! Of course, the book is full of sexual encounters – imaginary and not – with the main heroine starring side by side with her window lover. Only, this time around, we get to “hear” his voice, too.

Monsieur Sexy is even better up close and speaking – seeing as they video chat, so he’s heard now and he seems closer. And oh, what a treat the man is! Turns out, the heroine wasn’t the only one who really understood what kind of guy he was, he managed to see the woman behind the glass, as well. He had observed her physical reactions during their masturbating sessions, and he also succeeded in psychoanalyzing her – more or less.

The way they interracted with each other was more than just intimate – ok, we all know those two are hot to the point of molten lava when they’re together, and sound between them only made things sexier, but there was more to their relationship than just sex, or, well, jack’n’jill sessions, as she called it. No, while they started out backwards, without knowing each other, their relationship was heartwarming, in the way that most romantic affairs in modern literature somehow fail to capture. It didn’t matter that they didn’t know each other’s name, or that they were miles apart, or even that they had started out as complete strangers participating in mutual voyeurism. They instantly clicked, and were connected no matter how different in some matters they were. The only thing that sort of cooled me down and cost the story a cupcake was his obvious desire for a ménage à trois – I fully agree with the heroine, no woman wants to share her man any more than her man wants to share her.

What also puts this book at a completely different level than other relatively short stories is the multitude of surprise the reader is in for while reading it. Trust me, a plot twist of this magnitude would have even the most famous mystery writers on their knees! At first, as a reader, you suspect something, but evidence shows otherwise until the whole thing comes back to bite you in the ass with a vehemance that leaves a certain mark.

Confused? Want to know what the hell I mean with all that? There’s only one way for you to find out, and that is to read it!



***I was given an ARC by the writer in exchange for an honest review. The opinion stated in this review is solely mine, and no compensation was given or taken to alter it.***